Bring your own device

Our "BYOD" Program is an affordable way for you to activate a used or inactive CDMA/GSM device with one of our no-contract plans. Just enter your ESN or MEID below.

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Activating is simple

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I have a SIM card.

Find It Within Your Device

  • 1. From your home screen, select "Settings".
  • 2. Select "General".
  • 3. Select "About".
  • 4. Scroll down to the ICCID number.

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Bring Your Own Device Guidelines:
  • Device must have a CLEAN Electronic Serial Number (ESN) often referred to as MEID, DEC, HEX, or IMEI
  • Sprint devices must pass Sprint FED (Financial Eligibility Date) eligibility check
  • Device cannot be flashed, cloned, jail-broken or manipulated from Original Factory Settings
  • Device is not marked as lost or stolen
  • All new Sprint Devices are on the blacklist for 1 year after their retail activation
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