Our "BYOD" Program is an affordable way for you to activate a used or inactive CDMA/GSM device with one of our no-contract plans. Just enter your ESN or MEID below.

Where can I locate my ESN or MEID?

For LTE devices, it is required to use Expo Mobile SIM card
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Regular Nano Micro
Bring Your Own Device Guidelines:
  • Device must have a CLEAN Electronic Serial Number (ESN) often referred to as MEID, DEC, HEX, or IMEI
  • Sprint devices must pass Sprint FED (Financial Eligibility Date) eligibility check
  • Device cannot be flashed, cloned, jail-broken or manipulated from Original Factory Settings
  • Device is not marked as lost or stolen
  • All new Sprint Devices are on the blacklist for 1 year after their retail activation

Use Whichever of these methods is easiest for you:

  1. Check in the settings menu:
    Android: Go to Settings > About Device > Status
    iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About
  2. Enter *#06# from your Sprint phone's dial pad.
  3. Look for a sticker under your device's battery.
    It may be displayed as "DEC" or “HEX”
  4. Look for a sticker on the device box.
NOTE: Don't confuse the number 0 (zero) with the letter O. It is always a zero. Only letters A-F are in an ESN/MEID


Your device must be unlocked in order to activate it on Expo Mobile's network. If you're sure it's unlocked then you're good to go! Otherwise, you'll need to speak to your previous carrier in order to get the device unlock code.


For LTE devices, it is required to use Expo Mobile SIM card

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