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How much can I make?

You will earn an instant bonus and you will earn a monthly residual income on your Personal Volume and you will earn an Override Residual Income  on your representatives customers.

3 Ways to Make Money

Direct Sales

Purchase SIM Cards and Cellphone Accessories at wholesale pricing and sell them directly to your friends, co-workers, family members, and more . You will earn up to 50% commissions on product sales and bonuses. 

Build Your Team

Invite others to join your team and earn commissions from the sales and new activations they generate. Receive bonuses as you enroll new distributors and create a passive residual income.

Online Sales

Receive a replicating website with your own shopping cart that allows your customers to purchase products from you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you earn up to 50% commission on all sales generated from your personal website.

What am I offering?

Did you know that the United States has over 250 million cellphone users and 30% or about 75 million of those users subscribe to a No-Contract Cellphone Service and is growing everyday because more and more people want the freedom and flexibility. The US Cellphone industry is an $84 Billion industry and the average household has 5 connected devices. 

As an Expo Mobile Independent Distributor you will offer the Expo Mobile No-Contract monthly service plans to your friends, family, co-workers, etc and invite them to activate or switch their existing cell phone service to Expo Mobile. There are no contracts, no credit checks, and no overages. Customers can keep their same phone number if they wish or they can get a new number.

Expo Mobile offers very popular No-Contract monthly service plans on the nations largest and most reliable CDMA network. The activation process is quick and easy with online support available if needed every step of the way. Your starter kit will include 10 SIM cards which are used for activation. SIM card Kits are normally sold to new customers for $9.99. You are not required to charge for the SIM card Kits if you choose not to.  

The activation process is very simple and easy. The activation process is as easy as entering the customers Name, Address, Device ID, and SIM Card number into our online portal. Once the activation is submitted within a few minutes you will receive a notifiation that the activation has processed via SMS msg. You will then insert the SIM card into the Device, turn it on and make a test call. 

You will collect the first month of service from your customer after the activation completes. The first month of service is yours to keep as an Aquisition Bonus for inviting new customers to activate with Expo Mobile and you will receive an ongoing monthly residual month after month when your customers renew their service. Your customers can pay online, pay via our app, sign up for auto renew, or they can call our friendly customer service staff to make a payment. Regardless of where or how they pay you will receive a monthly residual.

You will also earn a New Recruit Bonus for inviting new Distributors to join our team and you will earn a Team Revenue Bonus which is a percentage of your entire teams volume.

You will also have the opportunity to sell other popular products and earn up to 50% profits.

 There are not limitations to your success. Look at some of our success stories below then fill out the form to start your journey.

Recession Proof Product - No Experience Needed


Online Portal

Easy to use activation portal that will allow you track and monitor your personal customers and your representatives customers.

No Experience Needed

Earn while you learn. You wil receive all the Sales and Training support you need and you will have a support contact number and online chat available 24/7.

Marketing Materials

Your Starter Kit will include Marketing materials that you can use how you want as you want. You will receive handouts to provide to your friends, family, and co-workers.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Easy to understand Commission Structure where you will have the opportunity to earn unlimited commissions. The more you sell, the more your commissions. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn!

We beleive in offering products and services that will not only make our customer’s lives better, but at an affordable price. When you join the Expo family, you will be able to offer no contract cellphone service plans with no credit checks, no overages, and no surprises.

Everything you need to Succeed!

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Everything you need to start your business.

Starter Pack A

$ 25
  • 10 Expo SIM Cards
  • 25 Brochures
  • Expo Lanyard
  • Expo Badge
  • Expo Popsocket

Starter Pack B

$ 99
  • 10 Expo SIM Cards
  • 50 Brochures
  • Expo Lanyard
  • Expo Badge
  • Expo Popsocket

Starter Pack C

$ 199
  • 25 Expo SIM Cards
  • 100 Brochures
  • Expo Lanyard
  • Expo Badge
  • Expo Popsocket

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